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Custom design and software creation is our specialty. Whether you need a new application created from the ground up or an additional tool for your existing website, we are here to help. Below you will find a summary of the services we offer.

  • Creating is what we do. All of our projects are custom built with individual graphics created for you, and customized to your site. Every element of our websites, such as the placement of an image has a purpose and meaning. This purpose could be as simple as placing the image in a particular spot which highlights a key part of your business. This is a simple example but a very important one.
  • For companies who have an existing website but want something fresh or added functionality, we can redesign or redevelop any aspect of your current website.
  • The easiest and simplest (also the most economical) website to create. This is a website which does not have dynamic content ( ex. News, Blog, constant updates). For many companies this is a perfect fit.
  • A dynamic website is a website that can think for itself and is driven by databases (we describe it as a website with a brain). Many companies want a website which can respond to a users input. An example of a dynamic function is a website which requires forms that change based on users answers. Another example would be a website which has a dynamic (frequent updates) News page.
  • A blog is an integral part of developing your web presence, it allows you to connect with visitors and build a following of readers. We can develop a custom blog for you using any of the blogging platforms, such as WordPress.
  • If you sell a product or intend to sell a product on your website then you will need eCommerce functionality. eCommerce functions give your website the following tools; a shopping cart, product pages and a checkout system to process payments. We can add eCommerce functionality to your current website or build it into your new site.
  • A CMS allows you to control your website, from how it functions to what content is being displayed. A website without a CMS would require you to contact Refined Digital to make changes, however with a CMS you can control the website yourself via the internet. We can create and implement a CMS into your current website or build a new site with a CMS. When creating a CMS we can build a custom platform or use one of the existing platforms such as Drupal.
  • Every business and industry has specific needs and we specialize in creating applications which are specific to your business and help you operate your business more efficiently. An example of this would be a recent project of ours where we developed an innovative online scheduling and registration system for a highly accredited school. This system allowed the school to automate their scheduling and registration system, freeing up valuable time and allowing them to focus on other areas of the business.
  • Mobile web has developed leaps and bounds in recent years and the creation of the iPhone and Android platforms have opened up the world to “Apps”. Many companies are utilizing this new media platform and creating specific applications for their users. If you are interested in creating a specific “App” for your business please